Our Vision

The Mind Body Spirit Cleanse is a 90-day transformational process.  The purpose is to bring you to a higher consciousness and oneness with the Creator.  The process “cleanses” when you do the work, causing you to think clearer, feel better physically and emotionally, and freeing you up to walk in definiteness of purpose.

Time to clear away the clutter!  The timing of this cleanse is intentional.  Why not finish up the current year eliminating negative thoughts and starting the New Year ready to achieve great things!?


…a group of women committed to embarking on a journey together.  The journey would take them through a process that would stretch their beliefs, uncover unresolved hurts, and put them back together again in a way that elevated their sense of being.

This journey was the Mind Body Spirit Cleanse.

Founded & coordinated by Success & Leadership Coach, Lisa Thomas, the journey was intended to bring the participants to a higher consciousness, but it did so much more.

As a result of the amazing renewal, the group decided that ALL women should have the opportunity to take this same trip…to discover who they are called to be, to be healed, to be made free.

Join us on this trip of a lifetime; the trip that will change your sense of being.